How Small Business Marketing Is Done

Targeted Audience – Targeted Message – Targeted Channels

You’ve been good at what you do since before you opened your business.  Now, you find that you’re challenged to learn the other skills it takes to make your company thrive.

Savvy marketing for small business owners opens the door to more customers and more opportunities to do what you’re good at doing.

The whole reason you opened your business in the first place was to have customers and opportunities to do what you’re good at.

Be Media Savvy guides small business owners to make smart marketing decisions through workshops, consulting, done-with-you campaigns and done-for-you marketing services.

The Process


Change the way you talk about your brand so that prospects see your value immediately and want to become your customers.


Post your newfound message in a format, on sites and at times that will attract the most attention from your carefully selected audience.


Create a system for your prospects to identify themselves for you…making it easier to know who’s ready to buy.

We cover one or more of these steps in our next marketing workshop for small business owners in Knoxville, Tennessee. Click the button to find out event details

Marketing Workshops



Stand out from the pack. Your marketing should be as unique as you are. 

Be Media Savvy is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to know “the what” and “the how” of marketing – and want it delivered in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

Our one-day workshops teach you how to plan, write and execute marketing campaigns that will:

  • Boost Your Visibility in the Marketplace
  • Raise Your Credibility in Prospects’ Eyes
  • Increase Your Number of Sales Conversations

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Be Media Savvy Process


It starts with your customer.  Until you demonstrate to your customer that your solution fits their need, all claims to being “the best” or “the cheapest” (ugh – who really wants to be known as the cheapest in town?) will be rejected.

Then we move to your realities. You probably don’t have unlimited resources when it comes to time and money. This is where the “savvy” part comes in. We show you how to weave a story that connects with your customer and how to put that message in front of them, as often as possible, in the most cost-effective way.

The next move is yours:  Do you want to keep wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work?  Or would you like to be media savvy and start seeing results?

Satisfied Clients

Here’s what others are saying about us.

Be Media Savvy’s team was vital in the successful launch of a new program for us. The assignment was complex as it required the integration of several systems into one cohesive working customer interface. The program was delivered on-time, on-budget and without a glitch in site.

Tim’s ability to creatively execute a sales objective into an on-air commercial has, unquestionably, resulted in increased sales for my clients.
When a deadline looms and there is work to be completed, I have complete trust in Tim’s ability to get the job done.

Professionalism-plus! Tim is the master at “making it work!” From creative development to business relationships, there is an art to understanding the big picture. Tech and technique are two areas of superior performance in broadcast and video production, with a side of style thrown in for free.

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