Be Media Savvy’s team was vital in the successful launch of a new program for us. The assignment was complex as it required the integration of several systems into one cohesive working customer interface. The program was delivered on-time, on-budget and without a glitch in site.

Professionalism-plus! Tim is the master at “making it work!” From creative development to business relationships, there is an art to understanding the big picture. Tech and technique are two areas of superior performance in broadcast and video production, with a side of style thrown in for free.

We hired Tim to work on a new product website launch. He did a wonderful job, was very responsive and a joy to work with. His knowledge of InfusionSoft and WordPress were invaluable, and he accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time.

Tim was highly professional and so creative. He gave us the perfect tag line to represent our company just from speaking with me for a short time. I found him to be easy to work with, and he truly understood the ideas I wanted to implement.

Tim’s ability to creatively execute a sales objective into an on-air commercial has, unquestionably, resulted in increased sales for my clients.
When a deadline looms and there is work to be completed, I have complete trust in Tim’s ability to get the job done.