10 things you should know before pitching your story idea to talk radio courtesy of waxmarketing.com

RCA Microphone

RCA Microphone

  1. Send your pitch to the program director or show producer… not the host, unless it’s a small market where the host is the producer.
  2. Your topic must be content the listeners can use…not a commercial for your company.  You’ll have an opportunity to pitch your brand to the audience after you’ve given them useful information.
  3. Get to the point of your pitch right away…USE CAPS or BOLD to make it visible. Sell your idea in 200 words or less.
  4. No cold calls.  Radio is so short-staffed no one has time to listen to your pitch over the phone.
  5. Write killer headlines in your email subject line and avoid SPAM words to avoid the deleted emails folder.
  6. Pitch about a week in advance for drive-time segments…2-3 weeks ahead of schedule for talk shows.
  7. Be available and ready to commit immediately when they respond to you.  You never know when current events will put your topic on the front burner.  Act quickly or risk losing the slot to another guest.
  8. Send a confirmation email right after you’re booked.  Provide the producer with contact numbers, sample questions, background info and a copy of your book, CD, etc.
  9. Show up early for your interview.  Being late causes problems and earns you a poor reputation that’s hard to shake.
  10. Follow up with a thank-you afterward, and stay in touch.  Cultivate your relationships to get call-backs for future bookings.

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