South Florida School Shooting

School shootings, like the Valentine’s Day incident in Florida, seem to be occurring more frequently.

It’s a disturbing trend, and all agree the deaths are tragic. That’s where political opinions in the U.S. begin diverging.  It’s tragic, yes…but what are we, as a government run by the people, to do about it?There is no one singular answer that solves every facet of why someone turns into a mass murderer.  I believe a holistic approach should be sought.  Unfortunately, we typically start seeking answers after it’s too late.

Since this is a media blog, and not a political one, I offer my opinion via Facebook Live.

  • American Psychiatric Association study claims the average American youth witnesses 200,000 violent acts in media by their 18th birthday
  • I believe that number is now low due to the surge in First Person Shooter (FPS) games that has occurred since the study was published
  • Parents must protect their children’s minds by monitoring their media consumption when it comes to violent movies/TV/gaming
  • The Brady Center reports 2 out of 3 school shooters used their parents’ or other close relatives’ weapon to commit a crime
  • Parents must protect their children’s lives (and those around them) by teaching gun safety and value for human life

Journalists are doing their job to report this news incident.  This is a time to be media savvy.  If you have children at home, what are you doing to guide your son or daughter through the fear they may have regarding current events?  Moreover, what are you doing to guide your son or daughter to separate fantasy or fictional violence from criminal acts with very real consequences?

I believe one part of the equation that solves this national dilemma is this:  Parents, let’s stop training our children to be desensitized to killing by allowing them to play FPS video games.  That doesn’t require an Act of Congress, and it’s something we can do until DC gets its act in gear.

What are your thoughts?  Share them here on the blog…or in the comments on my Facebook post below.


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