We were awakened before the dawn by a familiar cry.  “Granna!”

Our four-year-old granddaughter, who had spent the night at our house, was up and looking for company.

“Come in,” my wife said.

No movement on the doorknob.  Just continued wailing outside our bedroom door.

“Come on in, baby,” she extended her invitation again.

“I can’t. There’s too much stuff in my hands!”

She had traveled the hallway to our bedroom door laden with a blanket, a plush teddy bear, a Minnie Mouse, a Cinderella doll, an orange Beanie Baby, and a 3-foot stuffed rattlesnake.  Her little hands were full, and she couldn’t grasp the doorknob.

If she helped herself through the door, it meant she risked dropping one of her comfort items.

All she could do was hang onto the baggage she’d brought along and hope someone else would open the door.

Doesn’t that sound like some entrepreneurs?

We have a door we want opened, or a plateau we want to rise above, but we’re so busy hanging onto the comfortable and familiar that we fail to see how to get what we want.

If only we were willing to let go of something.

Maybe it’s your penchant for doing everything yourself.

“No one else can do it to my standards.”  In reality, you’ll do it if you ever get around to it…but it’s been four weeks and you still haven’t gotten to it, yet.

Maybe it’s your favorite distraction that allows you to procrastinate rather than tackle the challenge ahead of you.  Leveled up on Sugar Smash again?  Great!  Try taking that to the bank or offering it to your vendors in lieu of pay.

Andy Stanley has a book, The Principle of the Path, that calls us into action to make our intentions become reality.  We are good at defining our goal. Do we set out on a path that leads to the goal?

When you choose your actions, you set a course.  When you set a course, you have already determined your destination and consequences.

What are you carrying today that hinders your progress or veers you off course?

Put it down.  Quit playing it safe.

Create the capacity or bandwidth to handle what you need to pick up in order to travel down the path to your new, desired state.


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