The Be Media Savvy Code of Ethics and Core Values

The company culture at Be Media Savvy is shaped by four core values that are expressed in our Code of Ethics, comprised of Ten Commandments to guide our practices.

We are a family-owned company, and as such, family is a priority.

Next, we value quality work, open communication and a spirit of cooperation.


1. Family life is a priority. Business activity stops when family time comes around.


2. Do not publish crap. It looks bad on you and the client. Know when to take leadership on a project to protect a client from the consequences of poor decisions.
3. Be willing to stretch, but know your limits.
4. Avoid mistakes, but own them when they happen and make amends.


5. Be honest and transparent in all communications.
6. Say ‘no’ when it’s in the best interest of the client, the company or your family.
7. Always keep learning, and share newfound knowledge with colleagues and clients.


8. Be generous. Over-deliver whenever possible.
9. Be great to work with. Collaborate with other friendly companies.
10. Go above and beyond in times of crisis.


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