Want to know how to add captions to your Facebook video without losing sleep, hair or your cool, in general?

Studies show 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off.  That means captions are vitally important if you want people to watch your small business marketing videos on Facebook.

You may have researched “how to create a SRT file” – thinking that was the only way to add captions to your videos.  It’s not.

Facebook has voice recognition software that generates captions for the videos you upload directly to their social media site (aka: native videos).

In my experience, VR-generated text is a good start.  I always have to edit the captions to correct for grammar, punctuation and “misheard lyrics.” 

This video walks you through the clicks that auto-generate closed captions in the Facebook video editor tool.

This process works the same for native videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook as well as recordings from your previous Facebook Live broadcasts.

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