Be wonderful to the customers you have. They’ll bring you the customers you want.

~ Peter Shankman, founder of HARO

Peter Shankman – founder of (HARO) and author of Zombie Loyalists – in his keynote speech at Infusionsoft’s ICON14, talked about how to create customer loyalty in the age of social media.

Basically, it’s this:  show your customer some tiny gesture that is one level above everything else they’ve experienced – and they’ll share it on social media with EVERYONE.  That’s how you start a buzz today, because everyone carries phones with cameras and apps to their favorite social media channels.

Shankman is the social media thought leader who once scored a 24-oz. Porterhouse steak from Morton’s Steakhouse via Twitter.  He’s since made it his mission to understand and shed light on the worlds of customer service, social media, public relations, marketing and advertising…and how companies can experience significant growth by the convergence of these forces.

You have goals to grow in 2016?  Be wonderful to your current customers.  Keep pouring out relevant, helpful information…spoil them just a little with kindness.  Give generously.

A great method for doing that is video blogging.  That is one of my intentions for this new year…to post helpful videos more often…and I’m developing other ways to be helpful to you as you grow your business.

Come back every week – I’ll have new content up by each Friday – we’ll talk about ways to engage your customers and help you be media savvy in 2016.

In what ways do you intend to do wonderful things for your customers?  I’m curious to read your comments.

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