Do you know where you’re going?

In your marketing. In your sales process. In your business:  Do you know where you’re going?

It requires vision to chart your course.  Sometimes the path is not clearly marked – or perhaps nonexistent.

Henry Ford had a dream of equipping the common man with mechanical horsepower when his customers would have been satisfied with a faster horse. Talk about vision! Ford had it.

When you are an innovator like Ford, you are solving a problem many people do not, yet, recognize they have. Raising your customers’ awareness of their problem, and their understanding that you have a superior solution, calls for leadership.

“Leadership involves finding a parade and getting in front of it.” ~ John Naisbitt, author

Leading implies that you are in front of something or someone.  But what do you do when no one seems to be following? What if no one knows it’s Parade Day?

You lead anyway.

You hold fast to your vision. You chart your course. You practice the daily behaviors that produce excellence until someone notices and falls in line behind you.

Have you ever been to a party where a conga line broke out?  Someone begins the steps. Maybe one or two friends form a chain. The train gains momentum as more rush to grab the hips of the last person in line. Eventually, the entire room is a circle of dancing humanity.

What makes a conga line different from a dance floor full of partiers? A common purpose and leadership.

Your small business, and the customers you serve, are looking for both of those qualities from you: purpose and leadership. This means you must know where you’re taking your customer, even if they can’t grasp the vision. This brand of leadership is much more than jumping into the street and strutting in front of 76 trombones. No, this is true trailblazing!

So, do you know where you’re going?  Do you know how to get your customers to follow you to a “yes” where they are ready to buy?

If your answer isn’t 100% “Yes!” and you are in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, I invite you to attend a half-day workshop where we will concentrate on how to attract customers and lead them to “yes”.  You will go home with clarity around your vision and a 90-day action plan to maximize your results.

The workshop runs from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, March 11 at The Empty Cup – 9111 Executive Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37923.

Click here to open your shopping cart and reserve your ticket. We only have 3 seats left!

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