It’s mid-January.  Does your New Year Resolution still have life in it?


Sometimes, we give up on our resolution at the first sign of opposition.  If you’re a small business owner who’s just dipping your toes into video marketing, the pool can seem too deep and the water too cold when you’re not sure what to say or how to capture it on video.

Just as humans are designed to walk and talk – yet, babies are born neither walking nor talking – beginning video marketers must be taught and must take time to “grow into it.” If this describes you, don’t give up!  Keep practicing.

If you’re still procrastinating, it’s never too late to start a good habit.  Watch this video.  You’ll probably notice a definite improvement in video and audio quality between that video, which is a month old, and the one from today.  It proves that I didn’t wait for everything to be perfect (it’s still not perfect, yet) to begin my video marketing.

Go and do the same. Your visibility, credibility and profitability will all benefit from using video to promote your business.


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