Video Marketing Starts at Knowing Who Your Audience Is


When entrepreneurs start thinking about video marketing, we often get hung up on not knowing what to say…and so we never start.

I believe that’s because we don’t have a clear picture of who we’re talking to.

Never put the “what” before the “who.”

If you don’t know who your customer is…if you don’t know who has a need that your company can satisfy…you don’t know if your message hits the mark or not!

And if you’re missing the mark…by not talking to the right person…no amount of packaging or marketing can get you on the right track.  You’re just wasting resources – aimed in the wrong direction.

But, when you have a clear understanding of your customer…what their problems and frustrations are…and you develop a solution that helps them, then it becomes clear what to say.

So, start from your customer’s perspective.  Try to see the world how they see it.  Look at your product or service from their viewpoint.  Is it valuable to them?  Or do you currently have a good idea that’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist?

When in doubt…ask your customers for input and test market.  Just because YOU think it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean your customer can’t live without it.  It’s better to find that out on the prototype than after you’ve invested in a full production run!

Social media can be valuable here.  Use the polls on Facebook to gain audience insights.  Try sending customers a survey via email.  Call a few people.  Invite a group to a “Lunch and Learn” where you debut a new product and let them be your focus group.  I would use my “showcase” time in my networking team meetings to try out new training modules on PR, marketing and video.

Are you holding back on video marketing because you don’t know what to say?  Begin with your focus set on your customer’s desired outcome and then think about how your service, system or product will take them there.

That’s one way to Be Media Savvy.

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