Video Revolution Driven by Mobile Technology

Be Media Savvy. Join the revolution. Knoxville video marketing for small businessHere’s evidence there’s a revolution. YouTube’s staggering new statistics released in 2015 show that users upload 400 hours of new video content every minute. (Source: Let that sink in for a moment – 400 hours every minute!

The video revolution is moving at light speed, and I believe we’re experiencing the greatest change in communications since Gutenberg invented moveable type.

No longer are screens just the medium of the elite and powerful.  The ability to transmit your message via video to a friend, relative, partner or customer rests snugly in the palm of your hand.

This realization – this power – is fueling a video marketing revolution.  I see big brands, like Adobe, who are embracing it.  It’s a great time for small business owners to take full advantage of the affordability and effectiveness of video on the web.

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