Remember How They’ll Receive Your Video Marketing

In a previous blog about video marketing, we talked about how important it is to be clear on who your customer is before trying to figure out what to say to them.

“Never put the ‘what’ before the ‘who'” — is what I said.

But, between “who” and “what” comes a “how.”

How people consume video is changing.  How we communicate with our customers through video marketing must change with them.


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Back when television was the only way to watch video, broadcasters would pump 100,000 watts of radiated power on a UHF or VHF frequency into your home, and the TV painted pictures and sound for you.  Broadcasters (emphasis on broad) vied for the largest number of eyeballs watching their signal, and advertisers paid handsomely, according to the percentage of homes with a television tuned to that signal.

We are in a video revolution now, and it’s driven by mobile devices.  Gone are the days of “must-see TV” when millions of people collectively watched a primetime program that started precisely at 8:00pm.  Now, your customer – if she sees your video at all (a topic for a later blog) – will watch it on her schedule, on an intimate, little device she keeps on her nightstand.  Her smartphone.

This is the era of narrowcasting.  So, while you’re still thinking of what to say, remember how to say it.

Make the delivery and tone in your video match the one-to-one context your customer will be in when she receives your message.

And finally, what you say must be customer-focused.  Be generous in sharing information that is important to your customer.  At this stage in the conversation, it’s not about you, yet. Choose to talk about things that are valuable to your customer.  Nurture a relationship first.  You’ll have an opportunity to sell later.

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